Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fitness Fears?

Do any of y'all have fitness fears?   I do.  The two biggest ones are:

1.  What people think of my swimming... Learning new strokes in swimming.

2.  Doing a pull-up.

Yet, in all of this, I find that God uses our weaknesses in areas to humble us, to grow us, and to show His power through us.

What do we do when our fears, spiritually, physically, emotionally confront us in the face?

In good ole' fashioned plain-speak, we run 'em down! :)

God always gives us the strength to conquer each fear.

So I'm going to revert to some practical stuff from my fitness corner of the world.

What am I doing to try to accomplish a pull-up?  Sadly, I'm not one of those gals who can do 3 chin ups and 1 pull-up without ever practicing.  *Jealous*  However, this has caused me to try harder, to run down each fear, to lift heavier weights, and to enjoy a little bit of misery, remembering that God is the one who has given me the strength to do these things.

I am doing a weight lifting program called "New Rules on Lifting for Women."  It's a pretty balanced perspective on why women should weigh-lifting, to balance out cardio >_>  I tend to be a cardio-junkie, so it's been good to vary up the exercise and attempt to become a more well-rounded athlete.  It has 7 stages, and after I'm done, I plan to continue with a regular 3-4 days a week of weight lifting combined with cardio.  I also usually do part or all of a P90X workout which include lots of dumbbell work, pullups, and push-ups.

For swimming, I am thrilled that I am getting to go with a inspiring mama of 9 kids, who comes every Friday morning with me to swim, and who just helped me work a lot of the kinks out of my highly-deficient back-stroke. . . It's humbling when you invite people into your life to critique, challenge, and help you do better, but it is all part of growing into the kind of a man or woman that God desires us to be.

It's going to be an adventure this summer... This runner junkie is ready to take on some new challenges, I think? O_O

Monday, May 19, 2014

Addicted VS Thankful

So, about a year ago, I just was really "in love" with sugar.  I guess you could say I was making an idol out of sweets, etcetra... So, I decided.  I should just cold turkey go for a lot less desserts than normal.

Now, dessert is not a bad thing.  In fact they are very good!  But, when anything including desserts becomes an idol in our lives, we need to burn that, quick.

So, it was time to burn it.

And so, God did... He burned it.  Now, by His grace, I can enjoy desserts without feeling like I just died if I don't have one.  I can honestly be grateful for it, but I can also be just as grateful for salad, steak, chicken, nuts, and brownies... :D

God is good!

Nobody looks on here anymore! :D Physical and Spiritual Exercise.

Nobody looks on this blog anymore, so I thought I'd post some random thoughts on fitness.

I've now been a "runner" for about 6 years.  But you know how people say that physical fitness can often be a good mirror to spiritual fitness?  Well, I think that's true.

As I've been a regular exerciser for about 6 or 7 years now, I think I've learned a lot from doing it.

First of all, exercising, spiritually and physically, takes work.  It takes consistency.  You can't just get off the couch one day thinking, "Oh no, I have a triathlon in a week!  I'd better get going." It just doesn't work that way. After 10 years of not studying your Bible, you can't expect the habit of reading your Bible regularly to become a habit that is instantly ingrained.  That's just not how the human being works.  You have to be consistent in being accountable to your brothers and sisters in Christ or your workout buddies.  You can't run once every 3 months and expect it to be easier the next time.

Second of all, it's all about variety.  The only way you will be a well rounded athlete is to do your cardio(swim, run, bike, intervals) along with your weightlifting and abdominal work.  The only way you're going to be a well-rounded warrior for Christ is through prayer, study of the Word, fellowship and encouragement with the saints, and continual attendance of worship at the church.

Thirdly,  it's always a bit easier when you know someone is in the same boat with you.  Even if your buddy isn't there at the gym deadlifting 350 pounds every time, you know that when you talk to him about it, he most definitely understands the pain and has often experienced it with you.  I know I definitely experienced that when my dear friend Sara ran every single step of the 26.2 miles that I experienced when I did my first marathon and when my brother ran the last 6 miles with me, knowing that he had done the exact same thing the year before.

And that's how it is in, most importantly in the Christian life.  Brothers and sisters, God put us here for a reason.  He put us here to encourage each other in our fight against anger, discontentment, sexual temptation, bitterness, greed, rebellion, hatred, and the other sins that so easily beset us.  We are to point each other back to the cross time after time and not forget that it is Jesus Christ that redeems us and helps us to complete the race, the weight set, the bike ride, or the lap that we have already begun!  It takes endurance, but it's worth it.

So, remember that, and I will try to remember that too by God's grace!   We may not be adequate.  We may be weak.  We may be tired, sore, weary, but God is the lifter of our heads.  Look to Him and only to Him!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holidays, Health, and Faith.

For the fitness freak and the foodie, the holidays often make them hyperventilate inside.  They imagine the scores of goodies adding inches to their waist, pounds to the scale, and derail all the effort of the whole year.

Yet, all of life for the Christian must be exercised in faith.  That includes eating, even cookies, fudge, buckeyes, peppermint bark, and ham.  We are to enjoy the Lord, enjoy His gifts, and be thankful for them.

Over the past few years, I have had to rework and rethink just how much of an idol I made my body and food.  When people even offered me dessert, mentally, I freaked out.  I would hide it in my pocket or stuff it in my coat just so they didn't know I was obsessed over my calories.

I still struggle with this, but the Lord is helping me to conquer this idolatry.   He is helping me to swallow my pride about having a "beautiful" body and to be thankful for what God has given me, including the yummy sweets and the beautiful Christmas dinner.

So, don't worry.  A couple extra pounds won't hurt over the holidays.  Eventually your activity will increase, and you'll lose those extra pounds.  Enjoy the time with the family.  Thank God for each bite, and eat in faith.  :)

And if you see me, remind me to do that too.  :D

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feelin' Fat?

I'm going to be pretty transparent here, because, hey nobody reads this anyways.  

It's been 5 years now since I started struggling with my eating and the way I viewed or didn't appreciate the body God gave me.

And really, it's been very hard.  This is an idol that has been so deeply ingrained in my life, and it's mighty hard rooting it out.  So often, I find myself wandering in front of the mirror just to make sure I don't look fat, measuring my waist, checking my weight, counting my calories, and worshiping this creature, this human being, instead of my Creator.  I compare myself to my other sisters in Christ or other celebrities or fitness idols who have those six pack abs, lean legs, and toned bodies, and my heart cries out in jealousy, coveting what they have, instead of, like Mary, sitting at Jesus' feet and being mindful of what truly matters.  

It's been a long road to hoe.   I'm not perfect, and I never will be, but this is a huge area of sanctification for me.  If a girl who is struggling with an eating disorder comes upon this blog in the near future or 100 years from now, if the Lord tarries, please know that the only solution to your problem is the crushing of your idols and the worship of Almighty God.  

If you read this, and you don't know me, or you know me, pray for me.  Pray I would crush these idols by God's grace.  Pray I would put God first, not myself.  

John 8:36, " If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."  Truly this is the solution to every man and woman's problem.  He shall make us free if we would only repent and follow Him.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Variety in our Exercise

For about 1 year and 9 months now I have been a pretty consistent runner. But now, I'm stuck in a rut. I want to be a runner for the rest of my life, if the Lord wills, but I also like variety in my choices of activities.  It's the running rut. I"m not the kind of runner who can just run without a goal in mind. I must have a goal to motivate me to run. I want to reach that goal. It might be a goal of getting faster, getting a PR in my next race, or wanting to achieve a certain distance. Right now, I am in the rut of not having a goal to achieve. I'm also not closed to varying my main exercise with other main modes of exercise. I'm not close to a pool but I do have a bike. So I am training with a new goal in mind. 

While still running a couple days a week, I will be transitioning to training for a cycling event. I've never participated in a cycling event before and have been intrigued by doing it. I have yet to decide whether I will do my "cycling" event by myself or in a regularly organized event. The farthest I have ever cycled is 30 miles. I would now like to upgrade to a full Century ride.  I am excited and just got a training plan yesterday.  I hope to be able to complete a century ride some time in the next few months.  I will also still be incorporating strength, core training, vigorous walking, and running so as to vary my routine, and make all the parts of my anatomy strong and healthy.   May the Lord be glorified in this new venture of my fitness routine!